The worst nightmare I experienced in the UK was three weeks before the summer holiday when I visit a friend in London. I just moved to Selhurst, just outside of East Croydon into a one bedroom flat. The bus from East Croydon was the worst part of that lifestyle I had and about every Saturday and Sunday I was in London with friends. One Saturday about three weeks before the summer holiday and trip to South Africa, I came into my flat with a friend to pick something up. I saw the back door was open and I thought the landlord came to fix the lock. When I enter the flat, about everything was gone, accept for my concertina and harmonicas and three sets of clothing that didn’t match.

My heart sunk into my shoes! All my filters and lenses are gone including some valuable items like custom made knifes from South Africa. Like my pastor in South Africa said, with every testing comes a blessing. Firstly the landlord done something wrong, he converted the offices behind the shop into flats and never reported it to the council. When I reported the burglary to the police, they do it to the council and then they realised we are not allowed to live there at all. We have to move and I found a house with other South African people in Eastham. At least the landlord was a South African teacher and not a cheat.

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