London Graffiti Tunnel….

London Graffiti Tunnel….

How many of you have visited the London Graffiti Tunnel before?

I was there the first time when a friend, Heline Bekker Photography lead the London Kikki walk and our first place of viewing and photographing was at the London Graffiti Tunnel….

I must admit those artists there have talent I won’t be able to do. There artistic skill using the the spray cans to create the art work is out of the books…..

There is also a person who is giving lessons on this type of skill to be learnt….

Like always when an artist is busy , I will first ask if I may photograph his work. I gave most of the time my contact details and a business card so they can contact me for any images on the the website gallery….

Here are some of the images I took over the past few times visiting them…. I also had a photo shoot there, just after one of the artists completed his work….

Here is a link where you can view the images of the artists…

With you next visit to London, doesn’t matter if it’s raining or sunny, that is the place to photograph or learn some great art work….

Trust you have a great week !!!

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