My story of the wedding I shot with Heline Bekker

As you saw most of the images I uploaded about the wedding I done as second shooter with Heline Bekker Photography, I decided to write my experiences about the day…

The day started when I traveled from Gravesend to Welling station where I waited an hour for Heline to collect me. NO, SHE WASN”T LATE, it was me that was EARLY because the Royal Wedding of Kate and William took also place.

Not the because of the Royal Wedding, but on that Friday, the transport system was on a timetable for a Sunday service and sometimes it can be very late. I hate to be late for an appointment and decided to travel earlier, JUST in case there is trouble on the transport system.

So I sat there in the Puccino’s coffee shop and have a good conversation with Rudwan, the oldish guy who works there. His job starts at 5am in the morning!! GEE WIZZ, that time of the morning I’m fast asleep or just turned around in my bed…. Anyway, he served me with hot chocolate and also a nice croissant and we spoke about his experience in the UK.

Then Heline came and collected me at the station and we drove off to the church where the service will take place. We got there very early and we found a space to park the car. We got out and I took a few photos about the church. The original plan was to drop me off at the church and wait till the groom turns up and I would then take some photos of him. 
Then she decided it will be too long for me to wait there till someone turns up (3 hours) and we went to the bride’s house where she will get dressed and make ready for the day.

When we got there, the bride was still in her pajamas and outside the house talking to some people. Heline got out of the car greeted them there, we got in the house and she also introduced me to Faye, the bride, and all the people there. So the makeup started and then we also received coffee and juice during the morning. I met the bride’s father; good chap with a good sense of humor.

During the makeup of the bridesmaids, I photographed them where they were made up, nice detailed photos and also the kit the makeup artist used. Then I heard that they have a problem with some of the dresses made by a dressmaker, they haven’t been completed! The arm hole of the mother of the bride’s dress was so small, that she couldn’t put it on. They called the dressmaker a few times but no reply on the phone. I kept myself out of that conversation and we all cheered Faye up, so she will not be stressed up. We all said to her, it is HER DAY and it will be sorted out. Heline also encouraged Faye to relax and said she looks pretty. The images proved 100% true what we took about Faye.

By the time the dresses should be there, time ran out and Faye decided that is was better that Heline and I go to the church and take photos there instead of waiting for dresses to arrive. What I heard was that one of the dresses was never delivered and they had to go to a shop to buy one.

Arriving at the church, there was another wedding taking place, so we first thought it must be the wrong place. After about ten or fifteen minutes, we saw two of the guests of Faye’s and we realized we are at the right place.

On the side of the road Heline and I saw a horse cart and we went to investigate what it is all about. We spoke to driver of the coach and he said that they “deliver” brides and grooms on their wedding day for photos to the actual wedding car that takes them to the reception. Heline and I took some snaps of the horse and patted them a few times.

After a half hour or so, we saw the people exited the church and the guests of Faye and Mark also arrived at the church. I met the pastor and also Mark the groom. I asked about the house rules of photography and promised the pastor I will not use flash photography during the service.

I saw the pastor and Mark went to the registration office, the door was opened a bit and I took the opportunity to take a photo of them with the door halfway opened.

Then my I caught the organist and I asked him if he’s willing to pose for a photo while he’s preparing for the wedding. He started to play and I took a few photos at different angles while he performed his part.

I saw Mark and took a few photos of him, standing by himself, his father, and best men and having a chat with friends. I could see he was nervous, who won’t be on that special big day?

When it was time for Faye to turn up, I could see Mark was more nervous and took the image where he had his hand on his forehead. When the music announceed that Faye turned up, ALL eyes of the people turned towards the back, looking at the stunning lady guided by he father towards Mark. When they were about five paces away from the front of the isle, Mark turned around. His face was astonished to see Faye in the white dress and flower on the side of her head. I could only imagine what went through his mind, like YOU ARE GORGOUS my love!

After they said vows and the service ended, we went to the registration office where the signatures were done for witnesses and the formality documents have been signed. Heline and I took a few more images and we all went out to the side of the church where they were congratulated by friends and family. Confetti were thrown and loads of photos been taken by Heline and I. Friends took some photos and we set off to the reception.

At the reception we took a few group shots and then we head of to the inside of the venue where the meals and speeches will take place.

At the reception, the TOAST MASTER of the venue welcomed us. Because it was the Royal wedding too, all the guests been announced as they entered the dining hall, just like a fairy tale wedding. After all the guests have been seated, they were asked to rise for the entering of MARK AND FAYE, all cheered when they entered and say congratulations to them.

After all the guests were welcomed, the meals were served, prawn salad that is neatly laid out and garnished. I asked the head waitress if I can have one of the plates set aside so I can take a shot of it. I switched to a macro facility of the lens, and took a nice close-up of it. I do that the same of the main course and desert.

After all the speeches were made, Mark and Faye cut the wedding cake and we took more photos of them. Just before we left to go back home, Heline arranged with Faye to take nice couple shots outside. The sun was about to go down and we capture beautiful photographs of them. I also took a nice photo of the youngest brother, Charlie, where he had his jacket over his shoulder, just when he was about to turn around and I froze him there and asked to look into the camera.

We thanked them and say congrats again and we drove off to Heline’s house where we had coffee and uploaded the images onto her computer.

I would like to say thank you to Heline who gave me the opportunity to be a second photographer on this wonderful day.

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