Why DIY in Photography

WHY DIY in Photography?

Some people asked me a while ago why do I spend so much money on photography bits and bobs?

I think my answer shocked them when I said” I do not buy all of it by DIY mostly…”

Reason for the DIY is that it is cheaper and when you do a proper job, WHO will know it was done by DIY?

In my film days in South Africa, I made different types of filters to create different type of effects on my landscape images….I could not see why I should pay so much money for a Lee or Cokin filter if I could make it myself….

A friend who was very good at art and painting, made some stunning glassed paintings and I thought it would be nice to try…

I went to the local glass repair shop and bought the exact size of squared glass for the filters… My friend painted a few lines and and I done a lot of research in photography books what aperture and film speed to use… Yes, those days I didn’t know about Internet, the local bookshop was my only resource and when a new book or magazine like Practical Photography came out, we been THREE months late on an Issue from the UK then, I went and bought it. Browse through it to see what is new and what other photographers added to the gallery…

I never stole their ideas, just try to improve their style in my way so I can apply it in cheaper way….

Bought some Fuji Reala 200 ISO Din film and tested the filters we made in different scenarios of weather, sunny, cloudy and also and low light sunsets…

Some where not so good, blurry , not because of out of focus, but the thickness of the glass paint applied….The blending of the colours where  applied were not always great because the paint did not have a fading effect like the real ones….

The next DIY I will write about is a needy connection for Tethering shooting.. stay tuned….


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