Photo shoot with Liudmilla Novikova

Liudmilla Novikova Portrait Shoot….

A few weeks ago I had the honor to photograph Liudmilla Novikova from Russia, whose art work I also photographed. After a very long time to get an appointment date set, we had the 7th April set and all preparations had been done.

At Victoria station we had a bit of misunderstanding where to meet because there are more than one exit. So we met out side Buckingham Road and we walk to St. James park. Her friend Natalia, also joined us for the photo session and we discussed what I had in mind.

I had some nice ideas to do an antique type shoot but the weather changed everything for us. She had a bag or two with her for clothes and I did not even try to look what is inside

From a moderate temperature it changed to a chilly day and luckily I had a warm coat with me.

At St. James Park we did a few test shots of modeling walks and then we done a whole range of photo styles. She enjoyed it so much, laughing and made such jokes to make them laugh. Even the public though she must have been an international Celebrity and some even take photos on their mobile phones and point and shoot cameras.

After we did the third session, they went and changed clothes; we make use of the opportunity to make use of the roof of the cafeteria in the park. That is when Liudmilla changed her jewelry and we done another photo session. It was a great shoot there and took stunning images of here with different colors of jewelry….

Then we went to the legal graffiti tunnel in London close to Waterloo Bridge and had another series of images taken there. The graffiti made a nice background and we took a few more and decide because we had a chilly day, we packed up and had lunch close by at the Slug and Lettuce ….

I just want to say thank you to Liudmilla and her friend Natalia, who made it a great success for a great day!!

Have a look at the images and please leave  comments so I can pass it on to Liudmilla!!

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