Bridal Beach Shoot Camber Sands – BTS

Bridal Beach Shoot Camber Sands – BTS

Cumbersands Beach behind the scene shoot.

Well time flies and nobody knows where to but it does very quick… About a year now I had the privilege to do a behind the scene shoot with Heline Bekker Photography at Cambersands…

It was a very nice trip to the seaside even we missed the turn off at some point and still on time….

The weather turned out a very nice sunny day and bit windy at some point.

The model was a young gorgeous lady with long dark blond hair and very good in front of the camera…

For those who browsing a magazine where there are lots of stuff with decorations and nice images of models and people, this is not a 5 minute setup but takes a full day to do this type of shoot……It might sound crazy but all the details and preparations in this kind of shoot is not always fun and games.

First you must arrange with the venue to get permission and pay fees to photograph at any place and then you also are limited to only the exact hours paid for….If you don’t follow by the rules, they can penalty you an extra bill and add you on their list of premium rates to pay or even deny your next application to use their land or premisses …

At the end of the day it was a very well organised shoot and must say I too got a sunburn on the face, I think I forgot the sun reflection from the sand can be also burn , but didn’t burn that much….

The only photo taken off me was at the end of the day carry a table on my head over the dunes….never thought my other job would be this for ending the day….hahaha

Here are few images of the shoot and all the credits got to the following people….


The rest of the full shoot can be viewed here at my website gallery….

HRP_6074.1 HRP_6077.1 HRP_6081.1 HRP_6082.1 HRP_6095.1 HRP_6115.1 HRP_6121.1 HRP_6127.1 HRP_6135.1 HRP_6146.1 HRP_6164.1 HRP_6186.1 HRP_6192.1 HRP_6198.1 HRP_6218.1 HRP_6247.1 HRP_6297.1 HRP_6333.1 HRP_6346.1 HRP_6363.1 HRP_6412.1 HRP_6422.1 HRP_6428.1 HRP_6438.1 HRP_6451.1


Festival brides – Organisers/concept – Festival Brides

Venue – Camber Sands (Thanks to The Gallivant for food and water and a roof over our heads for hair and makeup)

Make-up and Hair – Lucy Jayne Make up

Model – Claudia from M & P models

Flowers – Frida and Sophia

Dresses – Wilden Bride / Frou Frou Bridal / Ell and Cee

Stationary – Kate Ruth Romey Plates,

Glasses, Cutlery – Zara

Cushions – Laura Oakes

Cake – Sylvia’s Kitchen 

Decor- Tassels and balloons – Eagle Eyed Bride