Peace One Day at Wembley Arena

I had the honour to photograph a series of photos at the Peace One Day event at Wembley Arena on the 21st of September 2012.

I traveled all the way up to Wembley Station and asked for directions. For my first time to the Wembley Arena, I asked for directions at the stations, where Uche, the Station Manager gave me info. Got at the Arena, I phoned the contact person from POD where to meet. I went to the main entrance and gave my details.

I met other fellow photographers and had a chat with most of them.

We had a briefing how the program will follow and heard that we will only have a half song a group of two groups for each artist. That was actually bad news and I could see some photographers were not happy and are used to three songs at a gig in the pit.

First actor and celeb to appear with Jeremy Giley was Jude Law. The flashes were so bright that I switched my flash off and still got the perfect shot I needed. Second to appear was James Morrison and still have prefect results.

After the press shoot we been down stairs to the stage and had the opportunity to photograph James Morrison while he performed his songs…. We had at least 6 and half minutes each group, his intro song was about 13 minutes!!! Therefor I had good time to take photos of each band member…..

Back to the media hub, most of the photographers upload their images to their server for publication etc. Later Jereme Giley came with Lilly Cole and we took loads of photos and after her shoot it was time Iliza Doolittle’s shoot…. She was comfortable in front of the cameras and after the shoot they had a media press video conference.

Then it was time we went down stairs to the stage for the main event! After Jereme Giley had his speech, he introduced us to Sir Elton John and as Sir came on the stage in the dark blueish light, we photographers snapped away…. I been in the first group and took loads of photos….

Never did I think I will have the honour to photograph this iconic celeb at his concert with permission…

Here are some of the event photos I took.

I just want to say THANK YOU to Peace One Day for such a great time and chance to photograph at the successful event!!

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