Peace One Day at Wembley Arena

I had the honour to photograph a series of photos at the Peace One Day event at Wembley Arena on the 21st of September 2012.

I traveled all the way up to Wembley Station and asked for directions. For my first time to the Wembley Arena, I asked for directions at the stations, where Uche, the Station Manager gave me info. Got at the Arena, I phoned the contact person from POD where to meet. I went to the main entrance and gave my details.

I met other fellow photographers and had a chat with most of them.

We had a briefing how the program will follow and heard that we will only have a half song a group of two groups for each artist. That was actually bad news and I could see some photographers were not happy and are used to three songs at a gig in the pit.

First actor and celeb to appear with Jeremy Giley was Jude Law. The flashes were so bright that I switched my flash off and still got the perfect shot I needed. Second to appear was James Morrison and still have prefect results.

After the press shoot we been down stairs to the stage and had the opportunity to photograph James Morrison while he performed his songs…. We had at least 6 and half minutes each group, his intro song was about 13 minutes!!! Therefor I had good time to take photos of each band member…..

Back to the media hub, most of the photographers upload their images to their server for publication etc. Later Jereme Giley came with Lilly Cole and we took loads of photos and after her shoot it was time Iliza Doolittle’s shoot…. She was comfortable in front of the cameras and after the shoot they had a media press video conference.

Then it was time we went down stairs to the stage for the main event! After Jereme Giley had his speech, he introduced us to Sir Elton John and as Sir came on the stage in the dark blueish light, we photographers snapped away…. I been in the first group and took loads of photos….

Never did I think I will have the honour to photograph this iconic celeb at his concert with permission…

Here are some of the event photos I took.

I just want to say THANK YOU to Peace One Day for such a great time and chance to photograph at the successful event!!

Here is my Facebook page where you can follow me to see other photos taken…

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Name and Shame of People!

The Name and Shame of People!

Since I’m also on various photography forums, I realised how many people complaining about their images are stolen, I decided to add this to the blog with a new Tab.

I feel that the photographer who worked so hard to get his or her website up to date with stunning shots deserved to be respected.

I had an incident where someone stole an image from me and found out by someone who saw it on a billboard abroad.

The advice I got was to remove images from Facebook as at the time I didn’t have a website.

If I would have to fight it in court, I would have to had at least £35,000 to start an international court case and then might be bankrupt of legal fees etc…

Questions come to my mind of these people:

What does people gain by copy your work?

Is satisfaction their aim to say I done it and you will not be able to catch me without cause stress to you and loose possible clients?

Do they have any conscious living with a family and friends?

I don’t know but it will not be in my style to do it.

The first thing they also do is to research what cost will it take from you to take the images or content down from their website or even Facebook page or Blog.

Their next step is to research the legal rights around your website, did you say Copyright of images belongs to you, if not they can claim you didn’t do it.

Then they will make use of law suits to find out what part of any image percentage can they copy,even to crop it and claim it theirs.Even that part is vague to find out what part is 35% to use, is it the centre, top or bottom.

At a recent incident a person stole images from Facebook by sharing them first to her page, later on the person used them on her website if taken at weddings and claim to be a wedding photographer.

Loads of people made comments and when it came to the final push, the person claim the website designer add the images, question is, who gave the web designer the images?

After two or three months later it appeared again and this time the photographer stole written content and changed a few words to claim.

Again same people reacted and contacted the person via Facebook and after a while the website is shut down.

At the bottom of the website is the copyright to the website and that also means you take responsible to all the images added.

The website designer can only turn around that you give the images and content to be added.

I have no mercy to these people who stole content or images and will name and shame their website,with each page they have including their contact details.

Watch this space to view the Name and Shame on the blog….

I will do my best to keep you up to date.

Keep Well People.

Website Links

Here are website links of organisations or photographers I support and can recommend for a good cause.

This post will be updated on a regular basis.

My Online Gallery

Other Photography websites or Organisations

Heline Bekker for any photos, just contact her for more details

Health Provites


For perfect stunning flowers for any occasions contact Alison Swift for more details

Feel free to send me more links that has a great cause in life ….

Kind Regards

Henning Ras

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My antique cameras

I bought a while ago a few antique cameras and wish I could get them all film to work again. I have at least one Agilux Range Finder on 35mm that is still working and will add film in later to test my skill using the range finder.

Watch this space for uploading the images taken with the range finder….

If you had used one of these and have any images taken with them please share them with me….

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Photo shoot with Liudmilla Novikova

Liudmilla Novikova Portrait Shoot….

A few weeks ago I had the honor to photograph Liudmilla Novikova from Russia, whose art work I also photographed. After a very long time to get an appointment date set, we had the 7th April set and all preparations had been done.

At Victoria station we had a bit of misunderstanding where to meet because there are more than one exit. So we met out side Buckingham Road and we walk to St. James park. Her friend Natalia, also joined us for the photo session and we discussed what I had in mind.

I had some nice ideas to do an antique type shoot but the weather changed everything for us. She had a bag or two with her for clothes and I did not even try to look what is inside

From a moderate temperature it changed to a chilly day and luckily I had a warm coat with me.

At St. James Park we did a few test shots of modeling walks and then we done a whole range of photo styles. She enjoyed it so much, laughing and made such jokes to make them laugh. Even the public though she must have been an international Celebrity and some even take photos on their mobile phones and point and shoot cameras.

After we did the third session, they went and changed clothes; we make use of the opportunity to make use of the roof of the cafeteria in the park. That is when Liudmilla changed her jewelry and we done another photo session. It was a great shoot there and took stunning images of here with different colors of jewelry….

Then we went to the legal graffiti tunnel in London close to Waterloo Bridge and had another series of images taken there. The graffiti made a nice background and we took a few more and decide because we had a chilly day, we packed up and had lunch close by at the Slug and Lettuce ….

I just want to say thank you to Liudmilla and her friend Natalia, who made it a great success for a great day!!

Have a look at the images and please leave  comments so I can pass it on to Liudmilla!!

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HRP_4034_935 HRP_4045_945 HRP_4057_956 HRP_4066_965 HRP_4068_967 HRP_4074_973 HRP_4082_981 HRP_4088_987 HRP_4195_089 HRP_4197_091 HRP_4206_100 HRP_4231_113 HRP_4236_118 HRP_4246_128 HRP_4300_181 HRP_4303_184 HRP_4311_192 HRP_4314_195 HRP_4322_203 HRP_4325_206 HRP_4340_216 HRP_4343_219 HRP_4345_221 HRP_4346_222 HRP_4347_223 HRP_4348_224 HRP_4349_225 HRP_4350_226 HRP_4351_227 HRP_4352_228 HRP_4354_229 HRP_4355_230 HRP_4356_231 HRP_4357_232 HRP_4358_233 HRP_4363_238 HRP_4364_239 HRP_4365_240 HRP_4368_241 HRP_4369_242 HRP_4371_244 HRP_4372_245 HRP_4373_246 HRP_4374_247 HRP_4375_248 HRP_4386_258 HRP_4388_260 HRP_4389_261 HRP_4522_347 HRP_4526_351 HRP_4528_353 HRP_4569_389 HRP_4571_390


Not only babies need a change …..

Not only babies need a change …..

Like the saying not only babies need a change, I decided at one stage, the website need a change. Since Heline Bekker updated the first one from the original one, I knew she is the one to do it for me.

About Friday evening at 8pm we spoke on Skype about the photo shoots that coming up and suddenly she said she wants to do another layout for my website… All I said was, “go ahead, you know what to do…  “ She saw some nice links and the first thing we as humans do is to look for a freebie and unlikely there was nothing available on the site she been on. She sent me a link to browse and I knew this the template I would like to have. We agreed that we can split the costs and then she can use it for her website too.

I also made a joke or two about it… She can practice on my website to find out where all the links and html’s have to be, what ever that means to me….

On Saturday I had to go to London and when I arrived at my friend’s house, she let me know that the new website is up and running. Suddenly I opened it and saw the brilliant layout and it looks now more professional than before. There was some glitches, but only to know that that I have to empty the cache of the internet so all the settings can take place. I done that and still there been some glitches and after all the pages been clicked on, I had to do a page refresh, so it doesn’t go back to previous website layout.

Now all is up and running and I am the proud owner of a brand new website.

Thanks again Heline Bekker for rebuilding my website!!!!

To view Heline Bekker’s work, you can browse her website HERE

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A lens or two….

Bag update.

Since my last update to the blog, I add only the latest shoot I done at Curves Gravesend when they moved to the Riverside Community Centre. I must admit, they had such fun: young and old, I rather won’t go into the sizes…hehehe

Well, why am I typing this blog today is about the two lenses I purchased. The Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 and the Nikon 105 mm F/2.8 VR lens and they are great lenses. They are tack sharp in all the corners and I will never complain about them.

The first lens, Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8, is my primary lens and it will replace the 35-135mm F/3.5-4.5. Reason is I cannot focus closer that 1,2 meters at the front of the lens. You have to move backwards or you have to do a manual MACRO shot on 35mm and when you have a subject so quick and close to you, you loose the shot. I tried it on many occasions and hate to loose shots.

Therefor the Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 is very handy in that option for it and me doesn’t cause flare when using the lens hood. If you want lens flare, you really have to make sure you do the “wrong” thing to have it. I took amazing shots with this peace of glass and can recommend it to any photographer who just started in the landscape or general photography. It is a workhorse of a lens, when I searched YouTube and loads of other websites where wedding, portrait and landscape photographers add their kit on display, up come this Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 lens.

I don’t have to mention that this will nearly glued to the Nikon D700 accept if I get another Nikon D700.

A friend of mine who lives in Canada have this funny saying and I quote from his direct words:

I need a money guy with very deep pockets and lots of time and a heart for hunting. 
Don’t waist my time, if your filthy rich let me know I’ll help you spend your money.

So if you have a spare £2000 to waist, I will need that for the right purpose… Just joking you know what I mean peoples…

The day I add the lens onto the Nikon D700 in the shop for testing, I knew that THIS is the’ lens I need. After about seven or eight weeks since I tested it in the shop, I bought it and can say I will never get rid of this lens.

I did a few test shots after I bought it and realized that I will not easily give this lens away; accept if it can be replaced with something better…. Doubt if it is currently possible.  The only negative I have against this lens is when it is attached to the Nikon D700 when in the small Crumpler bag. When the lens hood is attached to it for storage it becomes loose and is not locked in place. It locks perfectly when in use, but not when you have to store it in a bag.

On the positive side of this lens, it is fast on focusing and excellent in low light. The manual focusing override is great when I focus very close and there are a lot of objects when the camera cannot decide where to lock the focus.

For a detailed specification on this lens I’m not going to type out ALL the technical details, you can view it here

You can view most of my images I took with this lens, I used to have to look what other photographers take with this piece of glass and now I can experience it in full.

If you have any requests and further detail about this lens, feel free to contact me during the day, that depends where you are in the world….

Just remember I live in the UK and if you call me when I’m sleeping, you must be will to receive a call during night time too….

Have a Blessing of time and keep me posted with your images too….

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A lens or two…. Part Two: Nikon 105mm Macro F/2.8 … TBC