Disaster with the best results and knowledge…

Disaster with the best results and knowledge…

I was doing a wedding for a friend even I wasn’t the main photographer and I charged them something like a Rand for every click of the camera and then I supplied my own film. Just after the ceremony in the church, we went to a massive garden for the formal portraits of the bride and groom and the parents of both parties. All went well till I insert the next roll, took ten shots, the batteries on the flash went down; I could get my second batch up and running and had to think very fast. I removed the film, insert a new one and up rate the ISO 200 film to a whopping ISO 800. No flash at all at lowlight and all I asked them to stand very still, at certain points of the shoot and have all the shots done. At one stage the main photographer reminded me that the flash didn’t go off, but I kept my pose and said, I know and made adjustments for art effects. After the garden shoot, I chased to the pharmacy, open an account, bought four sets of Duracell batteries and chased to the function. Low flying speed without any traffic fines and on time for the main guests to enter the main party.

At the end of the function I gave the 10 rolls of 36 exposures to the bride’s mother and reminded her NOT to develop them in the same town we lived, due to the fact the main photographer was in charge of the development in the town. After about three or four weeks, I went to collect my new magazine from CNA, I got into my pick up vehicle and as I want to start it, there was a knock on the window! There stood the lady from the photo development store and asked me to come and have a look at some images. Then I saw some of the photos I recognise from the wedding and saw the stunning results. Then I saw another set that was either over or under exposed and thought by myself. He wanted to show me my mistakes when the flash didn’t go off or the settings I used were wrong. Jut as I wanted to leave the shop, I heard him said he wanted to see me about the images. Just as I want to say I made so many mistakes, he replied that all those I saw in front of me, they are HIS and wanted to know what happened there. The first question I asked him how long did he use the camera. I knew he just bought that time brand new and had it for less than a month. All I said he shouldn’t take a camera into a wedding if he doesn’t know what button does for less than three months. He said to me that he didn’t expected from me to deliver such stunning shots without a flash when he used one. All those images I done was at the end used for HIS album to the bride’s images. There was a small print and cost for him, he had to pay me some money AND he had to tell them they were MY negatives he used for the album.

I met a dear friend on a trip with my visit to South Africa in 2001. After a long time a give my trusty camera, bag, two lenses and Nissin flash. She used it a few times when and it is packed away in a metal container.

Next up: Canon Days…..

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