EDV Fundraising Dinner

EDV Fundraising Dinner

The EDV Fundraising Dinner was held on Monday the 15th April at gorgeous Middle Temple building where I had the honour of meeting Baroness Patricia Scotland, Jahmene Douglas, Claire Sweeney and also Thandi Newton. There where other guests of the CAADV and EDV I met, like Russel Jacobs of Millbank and also Mike Anderson of Couts of London…. Always good to meet such wonderful people who help the the Corporate Against Domestic Violence…

After the dinner the CAADV had a fundraising auction and the auctioneer ,Tom Watson from Christies of London, was excellent in his role of handling the bids of people who opened their wallets  generously for the CAADV cause….

‘The Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (CAADV) is a leading force in fighting against domestic violence in the UK. We are a progressive group of companies working collectively to raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence in the workplace and provide policies and procedures for your member firms and their employees. We also offer training to our members and share our experiences to build a base of best practise reducing the cost of domestic violence.’

Baroness Scotland founded the Corporate Alliance against Domestic Violence in 2005 and became its founding Patron when it became a registered charity in 2010. In 2011, she also founded the Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence.

Here is a link to find out more about the CAADV



My switch to Sony

My switch to Sony camera system…

As many of you saw me with the Nikon D700 and lenses at functions I read and researched on many forums and also YouTube looking into a newer system that is either better or on par that I had.

A person that I followed is Jason Larnier, You can follow his website here too, who is using the Sony system, he used Nikon too when I started to follow his work. The way he captured the moment was just incredible and I learnt a lot from him and the way he compose the model.

I saw he made the switch to Sony and I think it is just another camera or tool. I looked it from the distance and most of the time it was only on the Internet I saw the cameras. Then I visit a camera store where a friend is working and see the Sony A6000 that Jason shot a wedding with. Yes that tiny little camera but with quality prime lenses and still use the same technique than before. I thought by myself that I should get one of these little cameras and test it out.

I arrange with my friend from the shop to bring it one evening with him after work. It was just to see how I would cope with it and if I would like ot get the hang of it. Man it was a pleasure to use with the kit lens and still I asked how to adjust what setting for….Yes in the beginning there as lot of settings to go through to set it up. After the even I used it I made the choice to get one and saved money for it. Even I know it will be on par with the Nikon D700 at a fixed aperture at F/5.6.

In the mean time I bought the Minolta Beercan lens, the 70-210 F/4 lens, a Tamron 90mm F/2.5 macro and a mini Beercan lens, the 35-70 F/4 lens. It was still a way to go as I need to get the info what adapter to let it work on the Sony A6000. Jason said in his info the Sony LAEA4 adapter will be best to use to make use of the built in autofocus motor. So after another month of saving I found one on the Internet for cheap as it was body only…. End of the next month I got hold of the adapter and I was like boy with a new toy… or bag of sweets…I tested the camera in various ways, from fast focusing and some lowlight settings in high ISO’s.

I took it to a lowlight event and use it as backup where I think it will be best. Stunning results with the settings I applied. Then I been looking on the Internet for the big brother, Sony A7S, the lowlight king… Saw one for sale and contact the owner… With that I already add the Nikon D700 and 24-70 Nikon lens for sale on a website…not very long like three days I got a buyer…. I went after work one evening and sell it for the same amount I can buy the Sony A7S…I was even more in the clouds with the next purchase…

That same day I purchased the A7S I put it through it’s paces with extreme low light, pushing the ISO up to ISO 32 000! With the correct settings it was like very less noise at that rate…I realized I would take more shots I never could take before during the same light setup at the event.

There are only a small amount of things I would Sony to correct in a firmware update.

To save the settings on the memory card

To mark the image favourites

To change the file name when creating new folder

To have time lapse function be part of the setup and not to purchased

The people are complaining about battery life and I made sure I can get more shots than Sony claims with 350.

I also got myself the dummy battery, USB power booster from 5-9V and connect it to the any of my Sony cameras… 2×20 ampere power banks give me the power of roughly 50 batteries, that are more than enough for week’s photos or video taking…

Bridal Beach Shoot Camber Sands – BTS

Bridal Beach Shoot Camber Sands – BTS

Cumbersands Beach behind the scene shoot.

Well time flies and nobody knows where to but it does very quick… About a year now I had the privilege to do a behind the scene shoot with Heline Bekker Photography at Cambersands…

It was a very nice trip to the seaside even we missed the turn off at some point and still on time….

The weather turned out a very nice sunny day and bit windy at some point.

The model was a young gorgeous lady with long dark blond hair and very good in front of the camera…

For those who browsing a magazine where there are lots of stuff with decorations and nice images of models and people, this is not a 5 minute setup but takes a full day to do this type of shoot……It might sound crazy but all the details and preparations in this kind of shoot is not always fun and games.

First you must arrange with the venue to get permission and pay fees to photograph at any place and then you also are limited to only the exact hours paid for….If you don’t follow by the rules, they can penalty you an extra bill and add you on their list of premium rates to pay or even deny your next application to use their land or premisses …

At the end of the day it was a very well organised shoot and must say I too got a sunburn on the face, I think I forgot the sun reflection from the sand can be also burn , but didn’t burn that much….

The only photo taken off me was at the end of the day carry a table on my head over the dunes….never thought my other job would be this for ending the day….hahaha

Here are few images of the shoot and all the credits got to the following people….


The rest of the full shoot can be viewed here at my website gallery….

HRP_6074.1 HRP_6077.1 HRP_6081.1 HRP_6082.1 HRP_6095.1 HRP_6115.1 HRP_6121.1 HRP_6127.1 HRP_6135.1 HRP_6146.1 HRP_6164.1 HRP_6186.1 HRP_6192.1 HRP_6198.1 HRP_6218.1 HRP_6247.1 HRP_6297.1 HRP_6333.1 HRP_6346.1 HRP_6363.1 HRP_6412.1 HRP_6422.1 HRP_6428.1 HRP_6438.1 HRP_6451.1


Festival brides – Organisers/concept – Festival Brides

Venue – Camber Sands (Thanks to The Gallivant for food and water and a roof over our heads for hair and makeup)

Make-up and Hair – Lucy Jayne Make up

Model – Claudia from M & P models

Flowers – Frida and Sophia

Dresses – Wilden Bride / Frou Frou Bridal / Ell and Cee

Stationary – Kate Ruth Romey Plates,

Glasses, Cutlery – Zara

Cushions – Laura Oakes

Cake – Sylvia’s Kitchen 

Decor- Tassels and balloons – Eagle Eyed Bride


Tethering to a laptop or computer causing you headaches?

Tethering to a laptop or computer causing you headaches?

Did this happen to you for the first time or more than once?

You had setup your camera for tethered shooting to your computer or laptop, the model arrived and all are going well from the first chat to the first or so images taken….. You want to show the model the image directly after the shot how it looks on the big screen ,but then the nightmare struck you…NOTHING ON THE SCREEN !!! Oh NO where are they !!!??

Have you ever struggle to keep the USB cable connected to the camera when you do a tethering shoot to the computer? I saw some gadgets on the Internet and do not have the time to order it or the costs to get it to you takes more bank charges than the item price…

So I decided to make one myself and will share it with you….

First the tools and equipment you need is the following:

1. 2x small cable ties

2. Small ring

3. Small Carabiener

4. Small side scutter

5. USB cable with a mini demagnetiser attached to the small part of mini USB.


1. Attach the mini USB to the camera and and work loosen the mini demagnetiser about 180 mm from the end and clip it it place.

2. Take the small cable tie and put it through the Carabiener and attach it behind the demagnetiser, meaning further from the camera side’s USB. Make it very tight and clip it with the side cutter, but not to close to the end as it can slip off if there is not enough length with tension.

3. Take the remaining cable tie and put it through the camera strap attachment at the camera end with the small ring attached. Cut the cable as in step 2.

4. Remove the small screw from the ring with the side cutter

5. Attach the Carabiener to the small ring and you will the USB cable will have a type of extra loop.

Don’t worry about it as it is there to prevent pulling the cable from the camera Job done and you can shoot safely without the USB come from the camera…

Use of Small RIng only USB Cable with Anti-magnitiser Side Cutter Set of tools required Note the place of Cable tie IMG_2893
Fixed and Cable Tie cut

    FIxed with Cable Tie

Take note, I used it on my NIkon D700, but the principles are the same for any other camera..

Why DIY in Photography

WHY DIY in Photography?

Some people asked me a while ago why do I spend so much money on photography bits and bobs?

I think my answer shocked them when I said” I do not buy all of it by DIY mostly…”

Reason for the DIY is that it is cheaper and when you do a proper job, WHO will know it was done by DIY?

In my film days in South Africa, I made different types of filters to create different type of effects on my landscape images….I could not see why I should pay so much money for a Lee or Cokin filter if I could make it myself….

A friend who was very good at art and painting, made some stunning glassed paintings and I thought it would be nice to try…

I went to the local glass repair shop and bought the exact size of squared glass for the filters… My friend painted a few lines and and I done a lot of research in photography books what aperture and film speed to use… Yes, those days I didn’t know about Internet, the local bookshop was my only resource and when a new book or magazine like Practical Photography came out, we been THREE months late on an Issue from the UK then, I went and bought it. Browse through it to see what is new and what other photographers added to the gallery…

I never stole their ideas, just try to improve their style in my way so I can apply it in cheaper way….

Bought some Fuji Reala 200 ISO Din film and tested the filters we made in different scenarios of weather, sunny, cloudy and also and low light sunsets…

Some where not so good, blurry , not because of out of focus, but the thickness of the glass paint applied….The blending of the colours where  applied were not always great because the paint did not have a fading effect like the real ones….

The next DIY I will write about is a needy connection for Tethering shooting.. stay tuned….