Tethering to a laptop or computer causing you headaches?

Tethering to a laptop or computer causing you headaches?

Did this happen to you for the first time or more than once?

You had setup your camera for tethered shooting to your computer or laptop, the model arrived and all are going well from the first chat to the first or so images taken….. You want to show the model the image directly after the shot how it looks on the big screen ,but then the nightmare struck you…NOTHING ON THE SCREEN !!! Oh NO where are they !!!??

Have you ever struggle to keep the USB cable connected to the camera when you do a tethering shoot to the computer? I saw some gadgets on the Internet and do not have the time to order it or the costs to get it to you takes more bank charges than the item price…

So I decided to make one myself and will share it with you….

First the tools and equipment you need is the following:

1. 2x small cable ties

2. Small ring

3. Small Carabiener

4. Small side scutter

5. USB cable with a mini demagnetiser attached to the small part of mini USB.


1. Attach the mini USB to the camera and and work loosen the mini demagnetiser about 180 mm from the end and clip it it place.

2. Take the small cable tie and put it through the Carabiener and attach it behind the demagnetiser, meaning further from the camera side’s USB. Make it very tight and clip it with the side cutter, but not to close to the end as it can slip off if there is not enough length with tension.

3. Take the remaining cable tie and put it through the camera strap attachment at the camera end with the small ring attached. Cut the cable as in step 2.

4. Remove the small screw from the ring with the side cutter

5. Attach the Carabiener to the small ring and you will the USB cable will have a type of extra loop.

Don’t worry about it as it is there to prevent pulling the cable from the camera Job done and you can shoot safely without the USB come from the camera…

Use of Small RIng only USB Cable with Anti-magnitiser Side Cutter Set of tools required Note the place of Cable tie IMG_2893
Fixed and Cable Tie cut

    FIxed with Cable Tie

Take note, I used it on my NIkon D700, but the principles are the same for any other camera..


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