Name and Shame of People!

The Name and Shame of People!

Since I’m also on various photography forums, I realised how many people complaining about their images are stolen, I decided to add this to the blog with a new Tab.

I feel that the photographer who worked so hard to get his or her website up to date with stunning shots deserved to be respected.

I had an incident where someone stole an image from me and found out by someone who saw it on a billboard abroad.

The advice I got was to remove images from Facebook as at the time I didn’t have a website.

If I would have to fight it in court, I would have to had at least £35,000 to start an international court case and then might be bankrupt of legal fees etc…

Questions come to my mind of these people:

What does people gain by copy your work?

Is satisfaction their aim to say I done it and you will not be able to catch me without cause stress to you and loose possible clients?

Do they have any conscious living with a family and friends?

I don’t know but it will not be in my style to do it.

The first thing they also do is to research what cost will it take from you to take the images or content down from their website or even Facebook page or Blog.

Their next step is to research the legal rights around your website, did you say Copyright of images belongs to you, if not they can claim you didn’t do it.

Then they will make use of law suits to find out what part of any image percentage can they copy,even to crop it and claim it theirs.Even that part is vague to find out what part is 35% to use, is it the centre, top or bottom.

At a recent incident a person stole images from Facebook by sharing them first to her page, later on the person used them on her website if taken at weddings and claim to be a wedding photographer.

Loads of people made comments and when it came to the final push, the person claim the website designer add the images, question is, who gave the web designer the images?

After two or three months later it appeared again and this time the photographer stole written content and changed a few words to claim.

Again same people reacted and contacted the person via Facebook and after a while the website is shut down.

At the bottom of the website is the copyright to the website and that also means you take responsible to all the images added.

The website designer can only turn around that you give the images and content to be added.

I have no mercy to these people who stole content or images and will name and shame their website,with each page they have including their contact details.

Watch this space to view the Name and Shame on the blog….

I will do my best to keep you up to date.

Keep Well People.


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