Not only babies need a change …..

Not only babies need a change …..

Like the saying not only babies need a change, I decided at one stage, the website need a change. Since Heline Bekker updated the first one from the original one, I knew she is the one to do it for me.

About Friday evening at 8pm we spoke on Skype about the photo shoots that coming up and suddenly she said she wants to do another layout for my website… All I said was, “go ahead, you know what to do…  “ She saw some nice links and the first thing we as humans do is to look for a freebie and unlikely there was nothing available on the site she been on. She sent me a link to browse and I knew this the template I would like to have. We agreed that we can split the costs and then she can use it for her website too.

I also made a joke or two about it… She can practice on my website to find out where all the links and html’s have to be, what ever that means to me….

On Saturday I had to go to London and when I arrived at my friend’s house, she let me know that the new website is up and running. Suddenly I opened it and saw the brilliant layout and it looks now more professional than before. There was some glitches, but only to know that that I have to empty the cache of the internet so all the settings can take place. I done that and still there been some glitches and after all the pages been clicked on, I had to do a page refresh, so it doesn’t go back to previous website layout.

Now all is up and running and I am the proud owner of a brand new website.

Thanks again Heline Bekker for rebuilding my website!!!!

To view Heline Bekker’s work, you can browse her website HERE

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