A lens or two….

Bag update.

Since my last update to the blog, I add only the latest shoot I done at Curves Gravesend when they moved to the Riverside Community Centre. I must admit, they had such fun: young and old, I rather won’t go into the sizes…hehehe

Well, why am I typing this blog today is about the two lenses I purchased. The Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 and the Nikon 105 mm F/2.8 VR lens and they are great lenses. They are tack sharp in all the corners and I will never complain about them.

The first lens, Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8, is my primary lens and it will replace the 35-135mm F/3.5-4.5. Reason is I cannot focus closer that 1,2 meters at the front of the lens. You have to move backwards or you have to do a manual MACRO shot on 35mm and when you have a subject so quick and close to you, you loose the shot. I tried it on many occasions and hate to loose shots.

Therefor the Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 is very handy in that option for it and me doesn’t cause flare when using the lens hood. If you want lens flare, you really have to make sure you do the “wrong” thing to have it. I took amazing shots with this peace of glass and can recommend it to any photographer who just started in the landscape or general photography. It is a workhorse of a lens, when I searched YouTube and loads of other websites where wedding, portrait and landscape photographers add their kit on display, up come this Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 lens.

I don’t have to mention that this will nearly glued to the Nikon D700 accept if I get another Nikon D700.

A friend of mine who lives in Canada have this funny saying and I quote from his direct words:

I need a money guy with very deep pockets and lots of time and a heart for hunting. 
Don’t waist my time, if your filthy rich let me know I’ll help you spend your money.

So if you have a spare £2000 to waist, I will need that for the right purpose… Just joking you know what I mean peoples…

The day I add the lens onto the Nikon D700 in the shop for testing, I knew that THIS is the’ lens I need. After about seven or eight weeks since I tested it in the shop, I bought it and can say I will never get rid of this lens.

I did a few test shots after I bought it and realized that I will not easily give this lens away; accept if it can be replaced with something better…. Doubt if it is currently possible.  The only negative I have against this lens is when it is attached to the Nikon D700 when in the small Crumpler bag. When the lens hood is attached to it for storage it becomes loose and is not locked in place. It locks perfectly when in use, but not when you have to store it in a bag.

On the positive side of this lens, it is fast on focusing and excellent in low light. The manual focusing override is great when I focus very close and there are a lot of objects when the camera cannot decide where to lock the focus.

For a detailed specification on this lens I’m not going to type out ALL the technical details, you can view it here


You can view most of my images I took with this lens, I used to have to look what other photographers take with this piece of glass and now I can experience it in full.

If you have any requests and further detail about this lens, feel free to contact me during the day, that depends where you are in the world….

Just remember I live in the UK and if you call me when I’m sleeping, you must be will to receive a call during night time too….

Have a Blessing of time and keep me posted with your images too….

Message me

A lens or two…. Part Two: Nikon 105mm Macro F/2.8 … TBC


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