Swap to Nikon

Swap to NIKON

Suddenly, I realise how a friend of mine enjoys his Nikon D300S and I suffer the sad part of having a camera that doesn’t perform, as it should be. I started to get access to Nikon Videos and especially the D300S on the Internet.

I downloaded the Nikon camera lens and camera guide from their website and already compare the lenses what their limitations are. I made a dissection study what I need and the costs will be to switch over and what benefit I will have against the odds. I might do without a strobe when I can save up and uses higher ISO and keep me busy practising the little black box.

Then at a stage I couldn’t stand to take an image and could not get what I want from it. I add an advert on email to other photographer friends and most of the gear and lenses and strobes went like sweet cake.

When I had the correct money to buy a NIKON D300S, Nikkor 50mm F1.8 and Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 ED from Grays Of Westminster  in London, I made the call to a friend and said I am going to buy the Nikon D300S. A few more phone calls to reserve the Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 ED and since then I must admit, I experience everyday the best images I ever took with a DSLR. There are three or four pieces of equipment of solely NIKON I had to purchase, but that is up to the budget and time to move on.

The people at Grays Of Westminster are very friendly and Nico Croft who works there was very kind to give me assistance at the second hand department with the Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 ED.  A friend of mine, who also uses the Nikon D300 S, was so kind to download the picture styles Landscape and Portrait, from the Nikon website and emailed them to me. I add them on two different CF Cards and took it with me.  I asked Nico at Grays Of Westminster I want them installed and can they be of help. In a few minutes they loaded them for me and made a few other adjustments I requested like taking of the beep sound and the use of RAW only. They even fit the strap for me that was my job to do. With my payment of the gear, I register for the Nikon Owner Magazine and get also an 18-month warranty on the Second hand lens, and three year on new equipment. No other shop could give me this service and I walked out with the black bag and the camera around my neck.

I went and took some shots and did not know where what button to adjust settings and wish I could have Daniel there to help. I think I made about five or six calls or txt messages to get info. Then it was then testing and then after a while I got the hang of it, but still I need to get the use of it in full. In the beginning the 80-200mm f/2.8 lens was bit strange to handle and was smaller in size than the Canon I had. The 50mm is a dream to use and at some point I thought where is the lens, so small it is. Hahaha The only task for me is back to basics with this little black box and learn what it can do and let it adjust to my settings I want from it do.

Some people will proclaim the huge shutter count their camera has, but at the end of the day my question is the following: How many images are kept and printed or shown to people? Like a guy I know did a wedding and said he took nearly 2800 shots at a wedding! How many batteries did he use and how many times did he empty the CF cards onto computer or media storage? The big question I asked him was how many did he keep. My question is, WHY so many and will the bride and groom be able to view them all to show friends who could not attend it without having a conversation.

I won’t go into the shutter count on the Nikon has now, because that tell me nothing because if the image is not sharp or blurred in the viewfinder, it will be erased anyway. He reason is why keep a bad image and when you run out of memory and miss the special moment of a possible £1 000 000 picture of a lifetime? I even delete images for the computer when they not sharp enough for me and there is not a “ I might use them later “ sentence because RAW images takes really large space and when you take 14 BIT RAW like me, we talk at least 25meg per image. Why keep dead soldiers on the register, just dump them and use the space! Some of you will ask WHY do I take in 14 BIT RAW, well do a test for yourself and see the difference in printing an A3 poster of you best shot that was in 12 BIT RAW and then one that was in 14 BIT RAW. You will see there IS a difference in quality and counts in business then.

Since I took at some time low light photos where I were not allowed to use flash, I used high ISO of 800 and then a speed of 1/125 with +0.3 or +0.7 on exposure to gain the correct image. Now with the Nikon I use the SAME ISO of 800 but not a huge +0.7 on the exposure to gain the correct image. The Nikon just stand out where I used to struggle and is now a dream just to aim and fire away with the settings I have.

The best part in my photography is I cannot choose where to specialise for certain direction. I love the outdoors and will always do landscapes. The reason to that is it is cheap and the only expense you might have is travel by car or maybe public transport and then possible permission of a farmer t be on his property. If you can present him or her some of your images, and made him or her a nice image of his land, the next time you will be more welcome to his property and then it will a free ticket for the coming shoots their. So it is up to planning and good relation with the people you make contact.

When I used the Nikon D300s, it was a tricky part for me because it was so good to know when I see the results on a bigger screen. With my other brand camera I had, I could not get rid of the “blinkers” and struggled with certain settings. Perfect example is in London next to Tower Bridge taking shots from the huge glass buildings with the sun behind. Some parts were overexposed or underexposed and I did not know how to fix it, accept at Photoshop. My understanding of a perfect image is to do as little as cross process on the computer and rather skip the wasting image than sit in front of the computer for hours and present to a client a artificial image…

Next up: From Cropped sensor to Full Frame….

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